Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Touch gets an update that fixes its loss of signal issues

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch is Sprint’s version of the very popular Samsung Galaxy S II. The carrier has started pushing a software update to the phone today. This isn’t a big update that comes with new features or anything like that. It’s a minor update, but it may prove to be extremely important because it fixes two very annoying bugs. So for those of you who’ve seen those bugs, this is certainly a godsend.

After having this update applied, your Epic 4G Touch will be on software version D710.0.5S.EK02. The update fixes the loss of signal issues which always required a reboot to get the radio running again. It also makes the 4G hotspot functionality not disconnect while you’re in a phone call. Minor things, you may say. And indeed they are. That is, until your phone starts randomly losing signal with rebooting being the only fix.

As this is an OTA update, your phone should notify you when it’s available. If it hasn’t done so yet, you can manually check for the update by going to Settings > About phone > System updates > Update Android. However, do note that the update’s rollout will happen in stages, with all devices expected to have received the update within ten days. So if it’s not there for your handset yet, don’t panic. Just try again later. Full information and installation instructions are available here at Sprint.

If you’re interested in getting an Epic 4G Touch, grab one here at Amazon (currently $100).

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Michaelviner

    Hallelujah, glad to hear that it was for real and I wont have to miss anymore calls. Thanks.