Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus delayed until December 13?

Worried because Verizon still hasn’t announced the launch date of its Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Well, you should be, since the smartphone may not arrive in stores this Friday (December 9), as previously rumored.

According to a new leaked document which reportedly comes from an indirect Verizon retailer, the Galaxy Nexus will only be out on December 13.

Moreover, BGR has also received word from a third-party VZW retailer (Wireless Zone) that the new Ice Cream Sandwich handset will not be out this Friday. There are even a couple of screenshots showing an email sent to Wireless Zone employees to confirm this – you can see one here. It’s odd that the email reads “this Friday the 12th”, since this Friday is actually the 9th, but that could be just a colossal typo.

What’s frustrating is that Verizon doesn’t give any hints at all on when the Galaxy Nexus will be finally out. Sure, we know it’s supposed to arrive this month – let’s hope it happens in the first half of it.

Author: Florin

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