Samsung Galaxy Nexus now available in Canada at Bell and Virgin Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is now available in Canada. Both Bell and Virgin Mobile offer the latest Google superphone, just as we knew they would.

If you choose to get your Galaxy Nexus fix from Bell, you’ll have to pay $159.95 and sign a three-year contract. Virgin Mobile asks $159.99 for the smartphone, either on the SuperTab or with a three-year contract. The off-contract price is $649.99.

So now the Galaxy Nexus only has to finally arrive on Verizon in the US for its North American availability to increase even further. That may happen on December 13, but the truth is we hear so many different rumors about this that basically anything is possible. If you’re in the US though don’t forget that you can already purchase the Galaxy Nexus unlocked for use on AT&T or T-Mobile (albeit for an insane price).

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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