White Nokia N9 with 64 GB of storage makes its worldwide debut in Finland, priced at €629

The white Nokia N9 was announced back in October and it’s a bit different than other color versions of Nokia’s one and only MeeGo smartphone. The white coating is glossy, and not matte like all the other colors of the phone. That was apparently done because using matte white would have helped the device get dirty pretty fast.

The white Nokia N9 is now starting to become available. It will understandably only be found in markets where the other color versions of the handset are already being offered, and the price should be identical to that asked for the other colors.

The first country to get the white N9 is, perhaps understandably, Finland. You can pick up a 64 GB white N9 right now from Verkkokauppa or Katshing, for €629.90 or €629, respectively. That’s in line with those retailers’ prices for the non-white N9s.

It really shouldn’t be long before the white Nokia N9 makes it to other countries. The 16 GB version of the white N9 will be out later than the 64 GB SKU, by the way. That’s something that Nokia announced as part of their unveiling of the white N9.

Via GSMArena

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    I think compared with Nokia N8, there are less creative features of Nokia N9, so it is hard to persuwade people to but this cell phone.