Google Makes Movie Search on Android and iPhone Faster and Easier

Google has just announced that mobile search on smartphones has been made a lot easier and faster. So now, if you visit using your iPhone or Android device and search for movies or theaters near your location, the most relevant search results will be displayed via an interactive, swipeable ribbon at the top of the search result page.

Aside from that, the mobile search results pages will also display movie posters, short summaries, ratings and of course, theaters and showtimes for movies that you’re searching for. Additionally, movie information is updated instantly, which means you no longer have to wait for the next search results page to load since this is done as you swipe through the movie posters.

Google Mobile Search for iPhone and Android

Finally, you can learn more about a particular movie that interests you just by tapping on the movie title. This action will display movie details including casts and a full summary of the movie. The updated mobile search result pages will also let you view the official trailer when available. And if you see an underlined showtime, you can tap on it to buy tickets directly through your iPhone or Android devices.

The new feature of Google Mobile Search is currently available in US only. Google didn’t mention whether this feature will be also be rolled out in other countries.


Author: Arnold Zafra

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