Motorola Droid Bionic software update rolling out now

After several delays and a redesign, the Motorola Droid Bionic was finally launched by Verizon in September. Now, the smartphone is getting a software update which fixes bugs and improves quite a lot of stuff.

Here are some of the new things the update (build number 5.5.893) brings: improved data connectivity on both 4G (LTE) and 3G, support for up to 8 devices via Mobile Hotspot, messaging enhancements, Facebook posting enhancements, and Lapdock related fixes.

You can check out the full changelog and further details here at Verizon.

The version of Android the Bionic runs remains unchanged for now, but the handset will get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich next year.

Verizon is currently selling the Motorola Droid Bionic for $199 on contract. Amazon currently has it for less, though: just $49 (also on contract, of course). So, head over if you want to buy the Bionic for $150 less.

Via Android Central, Droid-life

Author: Florin

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  • A632392

    After update still having issues with 3g to 4g handoff. Anyone else?

  • Azbrendan

    Having a little data drop but handoff has been really good. The main issue i have now is my battery has died 3 hours sooner than it used to. I was mainly on 3g all day and used it like s regular day and it was dead after 9 hours. I usually get 12

  • Jczepole

    Coincidently Verizon is having data and call issues all day today in my area (Albuquerque,NM). Its hard to blame the update for my lack of data and dropped calls. Id imagine it affects the battery as well.

  • Rvman

    Me as well in Rio Rancho New Mexico, just terrible service in my area.. Verizon is getting bad.

  • Loveracing1988

    It seems to have fixed about half of the phones… the other half it either didnt fix it or made it worse…

  • Racine

    Still Having the issues here… Very pissed at verizon & motorola. Amazing how they can release a phone with such problems, and then keep telling everyone it’ll be fixed next week….

  • John c

    I just got the update 12-15-2011 in Indiana, but they did
    not fix the Bluetooth.  It still skips
    about 3 times a song when listening with Bluetooth headphones.  I tried 2 different Bluetooth head sets and
    both failed.  Both headsets worked
    perfectly with my friends HTC Rezound.  I
    wanted to use Bluetooth because the audio out of the head phone jack had pops
    between the songs and a hiss all the time. 
    This is not a good phone for listening to music.

  • Jeff

    I notice the same thing. I charge the phone before I go to bed, shut if off, turn it on at 7 am and by 12 it’s dead. All I’ve really done in this time is send a few texts.