Windows Phone handsets with NFC coming next year?

Although Windows Phone Mango brought lots of new features and enhancements to the WP platform, NFC support wasn’t among them (despite the fact that this is becoming a standard feature on high-end Android and BlackBerry devices). However, it looks like we’ll see Windows Phone handsets with NFC starting next year.

WinRumors reports that a Microsoft spokesperson declared: “While NFC is not currently supported on Windows Phone 7.5, it is coming. We expect NFC-enabled Windows Phone devices to ship within the next year.”

There are no other details on this for now, so we don’t know what company will make the first NFC-enabled WP smartphones.

There are certainly nice devices with Windows Phone Mango on the market, including the massive HTC Titan, the Samsung Focus S, and Nokia’s Lumia 800. But what Microsoft needs to do – apart from including NFC support – is to get rid of that WVGA resolution, since Android now comes on HD (1280 x 720) displays, and iOS benefits from Apple’s high-quality Retina Display (960 x 640 pixels).

Author: Florin

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