Amazon has sold over 2 million Kindle Fire tablets so far

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is on track to quickly become the most successful Android tablet yet, even if the fact that it’s running Android isn’t at all obvious (by design, no less). We figured as much even without Amazon publishing any kind of numbers on the tablet’s sales. Yet now we’re able to get a somewhat better picture of how the Kindle Fire has been doing.

The gist of it is this: Amazon has sold more than 2 million Kindle Fires up until now, in one month (it was released exactly one month ago). We say that with confidence not because the retailer has published official numbers, though.

Amazon did put out a press release today in which it boasts that it’s selling more than 1 million Kindles each week now. The only number associated with the Kindle Fire is “millions”. As in, “we’ve already sold millions of units”. That clearly means more than two million for anyone who has a decent grasp of English, and we’re betting that the people who write Amazon’s press releases do.

The number could of course be much higher. But we just don’t know, since Amazon is strangely intent on keeping it from us.

Still, 2 million units sold in a month certainly isn’t bad. And if Amazon keeps this selling pace up, it’s clear that it has the best selling Android tablet on its hands.

To give you some context, you should know that in the third quarter (the latest for which we have official numbers), Apple sold 11.12 million iPads, which amounts to 3.7 million per month. Amazon might not be there yet, but its results are great considering how much time the iPad brand has had to grow.

Anyway, we’re still hoping that at some point Amazon will decide to indulge us with actual numbers.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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