Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus can be yours for just $154.99 at LetsTalk (and $149.99 at Amazon)

By now, you’ve probably heard that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is finally available in the US at Verizon Wireless. However, the carrier wants you to shell out a hefty $299.99 for the device, and that pricing is with a two-year contract no less.

So what if you want a Galaxy Nexus, don’t mind signing a contract, but want it cheaper? Well, Amazon is an option as we told you a few hours ago. But that’s not the cheapest you can get the new Google phone.

See, there’s a way to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from LetsTalk for just $154.99 if you’re a new customer, or $174.99 if you’re already with Verizon.

To get those prices, you need to first head over to LetsTalk’s Facebook page and hit the giant Like button. Then in the left sidebar, choose Verizon deals. This will expose a coupon code which will give you $75 off any Verizon phone at LetsTalk.

Now go to LetsTalk’s listing for the Galaxy Nexus, and add it to your cart. The usual price is $229.99, so don’t forget to add that coupon code. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see that you only need to pay $154.99 or $174.99, respectively.

It’s unclear how long this deal will last, so if you really want a Galaxy Nexus and want it cheap, you should probably act on it as soon as possible.

Update: Amazon has apparently heard about LetsTalk’s deal, since it decided to drop the price even more. The Galaxy Nexus is now $149.99 at Amazon for new Verizon customers, or $199.99 for those who upgrade. The device is backordered though.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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