Samsung Galaxy Nexus extended battery discounted to $25 at Verizon

Last Friday, Verizon finally decided to launch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which is currently available for $299.99 on contract (or for much less if you get it from Amazon). The new superphone – the first in the world to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – obviously comes with a series of accessories.

Among these accessories there’s an extended battery that was initially priced at $49.99. Now you can get it for just $24.99 if you buy it online here at Verizon (the $24.99 price appears only after you add the battery to the cart).

The extended battery has 2100 mAh (unlike the standard 1850 mAh one) and is offered with an extended battery cover. It will make your Galaxy Nexus only a bit thicker – the difference is hardly noticeable.

Via Wireless Goodness

Author: Florin

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  • Stefan

    It is no longer 25.00. The actual discount is 15%

  • Tom

    Just picked it up following your link, for the 50% discount you described. Thanks.

  • Josh Buel

    I just got it, log out of your account and buy it as a guest, it will say 50 but once you add it it will switch to 25, plus free 2 day shipping. Great tip! I needed it, i charge my Gnex twice a day!

  • Bodybuilding Coupon

    It is attracting that attention because of the wonderful marketing strategy in place. The sole advantage it has over the S2 is the Android Ice Cream OS

  • Mlmcgreevy937

    Thanks for this information….after trying several times, I finally called Verizon because when I changed the order from “1” to “2”, the total billing price was the FULL price not the discount…nice fellow at Verizon, after working with me, discovered that you can only order ONE at a time if you want the discount to $24.99…… so after ordering the one, I went back and ordered a second at the discount price….  hope this helps others…