HTC Fireball shows up in Verizon systems with 4G LTE support

These days we pretty much know everything there is to know about every single smartphone in every carrier’s lineup for this holiday season, so slowly, but surely, we’re beginning to see leaks about devices which will come next year.

Yesterday we had a couple of AT&T-bound phones, today we’re here to talk about the HTC Fireball. This will be a 4G LTE capable device which Verizon will launch at some point next year. And… that’s it.

Basically this leak is just about the name (or codename) of the handset. We now know that there is a new HTC 4G LTE device in the making for Verizon. We’re assuming it’s a phone, but it may just as easily turn out to be a tablet. The date you see in the image above (obviously) isn’t a launch date, it’s just when the device was added to the system.

The model number (ADR6410L) places this device right in between the HTC Rezound and HTC Thunderbolt. Which may mean absolutely nothing, or it may be a slight indication of its positioning in Verizon’s lineup. We’ll see.

Naturally, if you stay tuned you’ll find out more about the HTC Fireball exactly when we do.

Via Droid Life

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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