Some Nokia Lumia 800 phones have battery issues, software update coming soon

Nokia has acknowledged that a limited number of its Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone handsets have battery problems. More exactly, “while the battery itself is fine, a software problem on certain variants is limiting the phone’s ability to access the full battery capacity.”

A fix for this will be included in a software update that should be out early next year (the update will also bring various performance enhancements).

Nokia says that the battery issue does not affect the Lumia 710, its second Windows Phone device, recently released around the world.

Lumia 800 owners can use the diagnostic tool pre-installed on their handset to run a battery status test and see if their battery has problems or not. According to Nokia:

Dialling ##634# opens the diagnostics tool. By accepting the disclaimer and then selecting ‘Battery Status’ from the list of options, anyone will be able to see their available battery charge capacity. If your full charge capacity reads less than 1000 mAh then your phone is affected with this specific issue and you may find it is necessary to charge your phone more frequently than normal.

Via Nokia Support, Mobile Tech World

Author: Florin

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