HTC Fireball and LG Spectrum may be Verizon’s first LTE-enabled ‘world phones’

Two of Verizon’s upcoming LTE smartphones we’ve heard about over the past few days are the LG Spectrum and the HTC Fireball. These devices will be launched next year by Big Red, and we’re just now starting to hear more and more information about them, mostly via leaks (as usual).

Today’s leaked info (courtesy of an image depicting an internal Verizon system) is interesting because if it turns out to be true, it means that these two handsets will be Verizon’s first LTE-capable phones to have ‘global roaming’ abilities. In short, they may be ‘world phones’.

Of course, Verizon has had many of those before. But none of them also had 4G LTE baked in. Which is something that definitely needed to change. After all, those of you who like high speed Internet at home aren’t forbidden from travelling across the world, right?

So it looks like Verizon is taking some steps in this direction. That said, do have your grain of salt nearby, because the ‘Global Phone’ capability isn’t marked with a clear ‘Y’ in that picture. And that ‘O’ which is there may stand for ‘optional’ instead. Let’s hope not.

Oh, and expect more leaks about the LG Spectrum and HTC Fireball to pop up soon.

Via Droid Life

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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