Nokia Lumia 800 to get new colors next year?

Nokia is reportedly getting ready to launch the Lumia 800 smartphone in new color versions (besides the black, cyan and magenta ones that have been already announced).

While Nokia is still pondering what new colors should make it to the market, it did present the 800 in white and yellow during a recent event held in France.

Whatever the final color versions may turn out to be, MonWindowsPhone has it that they should be out in the first quarter of 2012.

A white Nokia Lumia 800 would make sense, not just because white smartphones are quite popular, but also because Nokia has released the N9 in white not long ago – and we all know that the Lumia 800 and the N9 share the same unibody case (made out of polycarbonate).

Via WMPowerUser

Author: Florin

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