T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II $30 cheaper today and tomorrow only

It’s not much, but T-Mobile is willing to let you hold on to an extra $30 if you still haven’t gotten a Samsung Galaxy S II. Be it a gift for yourself or for someone else, you need to act fast, because this offer is only valid today and tomorrow.

So you can get a brand-spanking-new T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II for just $199.99. The usual price for this device is $229.99. You’ll still need to sign a new two-year contract of course.

And yes, this discounted price is nothing to write home about. In fact, it used to be the norm for high-end smartphones bought on contract. But times are changing. And if you wanted to get this handset anyway, why wait any more when you now have the chance to save $30?

Via TmoNews

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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