Apple’s next iPhone will arrive in fall 2012 with a completely new design, rumor says

The Apple iPhone 4S was launched not long ago, but that didn’t stop rumors about the next iPhone from already popping up. In fact, rumors about the so-called iPhone 5 have been going for the better part of this year. And most of them turned out not to be about the iPhone 4S. So perhaps they were describing the next Apple iPhone. We’ll just have to wait about a year and see.

Speaking of that, today’s rumor (courtesy of BGR) claims that the new iPhone (let’s call it iPhone 5, even if Apple decides that iPhone 4G sounds better) will arrive in the fall, about one year after the iPhone 4S. That would mean that Apple has permanently changed its iPhone release schedule from the summer months (like before this year), to the fall (autumn for those of you not in North America). Perhaps the company thinks that the new gadget excitement wears off before the holiday season hits if said gadget is launched during the summer.

The new iPhone will also be completely redesigned, rumor has it. Of course we’ve heard this countless times before. And after seeing that the iPhone 4S looks exactly the same as the iPhone 4, the rumor mongers switched gears and now it’s the next iPhone which will have the redesign. Let’s hope so. At least so the rumors (about this) stop.

But how redesigned, you ask? Well, it will have an aluminum back, a la the iPod touch 4th generation. The bezel, however, will be interesting, because it will apparently be made of a rubbery and/or plasticky material that closely resembles that used in today’s bumper cases. That bezel will be reminiscent of the iPhone 3GS, and will be double-purpose. First of all, it will be a buffer zone between the glass front of the phone and the aluminum back. Second, it will also serve as an antenna housing. That will allow Apple to create the entire back cover out of aluminum, and not cut out a big portion of it and replace it with plastic just above the antennas, like in the iPad 3G versions.

If you managed to somehow forget, previous rumors have been talking about the iPhone 5 coming with a larger, 4-inch touchscreen too. Add that to all of the details you learned today, and you have… more rumored iPhone information.

Which probably isn’t worth much, to be honest. By fall next year, you will have read many dozens more of these, so make sure you buy enough salt for the new year. Because you’ll need plenty of it nearby for most of the Apple-related rumors you’ll be hearing.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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