Windows Phone Marketplace now has more than 50,000 apps

In the battle of useless numbers, Windows Phone has hit another major milestone. Its integrated app store, the Marketplace, now has more than 50,000 apps in it. Not only that, but apparently it’s reached this number way faster than either iOS or Android.

Which means… absolutely nothing. People aren’t buying Windows Phones because they all look the same and they all work the same. And they’re too many identical phones. People are (anxiously) waiting for Nokia to pump out some more Windows Phones, because at least the Finnish company can come up with interesting designs.

Or maybe the app grid system, used by iOS and Android (and every other smartphone OS since the days of Psion), really is good. And people just don’t want to give that up for Microsoft. Or maybe people just hate Microsoft that bad.

Whatever the reason, Windows Phone isn’t doing well. The fact that its Marketplace has over 50,000 wallpapers, duplicate apps, and all kinds of spam is perfectly irrelevant. All the important apps have been there for a while, but nowdays even Apple fanboys will tell you that thousands of apps are useless without multitasking.

So congratulations Windows Phone! Keep at it. A bit of friendly advice for Microsoft though: perhaps your main focus should be the number of people buying Windows Phones, and not the number of apps in the Marketplace.

We of course have no proof that that isn’t the case. Especially since this bit of news wasn’t in any official PR from Microsoft, but comes courtesy of AAWP – the guys over there do the number crunching (not that we know why).

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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