Samsung already sold 1 million Galaxy Note units, may bring the device to AT&T in 2012

After having been sold in more than 1 million units already, the Samsung Galaxy Note phone/tablet hybrid is on its way to the USA.

So far, the Note hasn’t been officially sold Stateside. If you reside there and want one, you have to resort to imported units. But that may soon change – especially if your carrier of choice is AT&T.

Samsung today took to Flickr to publicize the 1 million sales milestone. In the brief announcement, the company also mentions that it expects Galaxy Note sales to grow even more when it arrives in the US next year.

The Samsung Galaxy Note may end up being sold by AT&T, and sooner than we may think. According to BriefMobile, the AT&T-specific version of the Note will be unveiled sometime in January, with availability expected soon after that.

We have heard these exact same things before, earlier this month. So unless today’s rumor is simply a rehash of the old info, we now have two sources claiming the same thing. Which means the AT&T-bound Galaxy Note will indeed by shown soon.

And all of this after Samsung initially said that the Galaxy Note would not be sold in the US. How quickly things change in the mobile world.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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