Samsung Galaxy Note gets leaked picture with AT&T branding, may be headed to Sprint too

The Samsung Galaxy Note is going to become available in the US this year, that much has been confirmed by Samsung itself a few days ago. Which is also when we heard that AT&T may be launching the huge phone or small tablet.

But while back then this was a mere rumor, today we get a kind of confirmation that that will happen via a leaked photo showcasing the AT&T-bound Galaxy Note, complete with branding. Here it is, courtesy of SamMobile:

Apparently AT&T’s version of the Galaxy Note, which will have the model number SGH-I717, will feature NFC support, something that the international version lacks. One past rumor also claimed that the Galaxy Note for AT&T will have a different processor than the already available SKU. Unfortunately this latest leak doesn’t confirm nor deny this detail, so we still have to wait and see if it was true.

In the meantime though, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note is also on its way to Sprint. At least if a “proven source” of SprintFeed‘s isn’t wrong. There are no other details as of now, but the fact that the phone/tablet hybrid will also be available at the Now Network sometime soon. It’s unclear if it will arrive with WiMax support or not, so stay tuned for that information.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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