Sony Ericsson readies “something big” for next week. Xperia Arc HD and Xperia Ion maybe?

It’s been quite a while since Sony Ericsson announced an Xperia smartphone (the Xperia Arc S and Xperia Neo V don’t count here, since they’re just slightly upgraded older models). But it looks like the company is now finally ready to unveil something really new.

SE has announced (via Google+ and Facebook) that it’s going to present “something big” next week – most likely during CES 2012 (January 10 – 13).

There are two teasing photos available, one showing a covered device, and another one showing the back and top of a device:

Now, the black handset seen in the hand of the girl above looks awfully a lot like the old and obsolete Xperia 10, so I don’t think anyone should believe this is a new product. I don’t understand why SE would use a promo image of an old device when talking about new announcements, but that’s another story.

Most likely, Sony Ericsson will unveil the Xperia Arc HD (pictured below), aka Nozomi, since we’ve seen this one quite often lately.

Another possibility is that the Xperia Ion will be unveiled. The rumored features of the SE Xperia Ion include a 4.55 inch HD display, LTE, and a 13MP rear camera. We’ll let you know which of these devices (if not both) are going to be announced.

Author: Florin

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