T-Mobile will hold a “New Year, New Phone Sale” this weekend

T-Mobile is getting ready for its first big sale of 2012. The aptly named “New Year, New Phone Sale” will take place this weekend, from January 6 to January 8.

During the sale, you’ll be able to pick up any smartphone and some broadband devices for up to $49.99 net down payment. The price is after a mail-in rebate, and only valid with a new two-year contract of course.

Monthly device payments start at $5 for mobile hotspots, and are between $10 and $20 for smartphones and tablets. This handy little table breaks everything down neatly:

The sale will be available at T-Mobile stores throughout the US. You can take advantage of the promo even if you’re already a TMo customer (which doesn’t happen often), but you must be eligible for an upgrade.

For detailed information about the “New Year, New Phone Sale”, go to T-Mobile’s special website over here.

Via Press release

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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