UK: SIM-free Nokia N9 now starts at £349.99

The Nokia N9 is now cheaper than ever in the UK. A SIM-free and unlocked unit can be had at Expansys for as little as £349.99. Which, granted, isn’t that cheap, but do consider that Nokia has always marketed this as a high-end device. Also keep in mind that other retailers such as Amazon charge at least £100 more for it.

The Nokia N9 is the first and last MeeGo smartphone (even though its UI is Nokia-specific, and not generic MeeGo code). It comes with an interesting swipe-based user experience paradigm, and is just gorgeous. And that probably concludes all the possible reasons for someone to buy it.

You certainly won’t purchase one for its specsheet, or for the number of apps available for it, or for the ‘geek cool’ factor, or because all of your friends have one.

So are you ready to take the plunge? If so, know that the magenta-colored version with 16 GB of built-in storage costs £349.99. If you’d like the black variant (also with 16 GB of storage), you’ll have to pay £364.99 for the privilege.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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