Unannounced BlackBerry Milan slider cancelled because of hardware issue

About a month ago we showed you a leaked image of an upcoming BlackBerry portrait slider, the device codenamed Milan. This was supposed to run BlackBerry OS 10, and launch this year.

Well, apparently that won’t happen anymore. According to one of N4BB‘s sources, the BlackBerry Milan has effectively been cancelled by RIM before even being released. The reason seems to have something to do with a hardware issue. There can be many of those during the development phase of a new smartphone, but to cancel a handset for such a problem can only mean that it was huge and basically unsolvable without severely altering the hardware (which at this stage we’re guessing would have simply ended up costing way too much).

Image via CrackBerry

So that’s that then. It’s unclear if RIM will have another portrait slider in its lineup this year, but for fans of that particular form factor, let’s hope so. Otherwise 2012 may turn out to be all about full-touch devices as well as ‘classic BlackBerry’ form factor offerings for the Canadian company. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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