Mystery LG Windows Phone smiles for the camera, may be unveiled next week

So far, LG has been notably absent from the Windows Phone Mango area of the smartphone space. The only exception being the oddly-named Jil Sander Mobile, which was just a redesigned Optimus 7 from yesteryear anyway.

But that will soon change, it seems. The Korean company may launch two new Windows Phones in the near future. One of them will be the Fantasy, leaked last month, and the other may be this little puppy over here:

What you see above is an image of an upcoming LG Windows Phone that clearly isn’t the Fantasy. The image originates in China, and that’s all we know for now unfortunately. No specs, no price, no release date, none of that yet.

Next week is CES, and MWC will be held at the end of February. So do expect this handset to be officially introduced at either of those events. Stay tuned.

Via wpcentral

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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