Nokia Lumia 900 Ace and Lumia 710 to be launched in Canada

Already announced as Nokia’s first Windows Phone handset for the US market, the Lumia 710 is reportedly also going to be the company’s first WP product to reach Canada.

According to Mobile Syrup, after the Lumia 710, Nokia will release the still unannounced Lumia 900 Ace in Canada as well – so the company is following a strategy similar to the one for the US (where AT&T should introduce the Ace pretty soon).

For the moment, there’s no word on what Canadian carriers will offer the Lumia 710 (pictured above) and Lumia 900. In any case, the 710 will be the more affordable handset, since the Lumia 900 is supposed to arrive as Nokia’s WP flagship device (featuring a 4.3 inch display and LTE connectivity). We’ll bring more on this as soon as we get it.

Author: Florin

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