Nokia once again denies rumored smartphone division sale to Microsoft

This is anything but unexpected. Nokia has once again denied the fact that it’s in talks with Microsoft for a possible sale of its smartphone division.

That rumor, about Microsoft buying Nokia, or at least its smartphone arm, keeps popping up regularly, primarily thanks to Eldar Murtazin, the Russian journalist who leaked the Windows Phone-centric Nokia-Microsoft alliance established last year long before anyone even considered that it could happen.

Some time ago, Stephen Elop himself denied this rumor. But yesterday it came back. And now Nokia has denied it again, even if this time not through its CEO. Nokia UK got in touch with SlashGear and issued the following brief statement on the matter:

“We’ve put these rumours to rest a long time ago. The focus for Nokia is on executing on our partnership around Windows Phone and growing the ecosystem, and each company has the tools they need to do so”

Don’t, however, let this make you think that there’s absolutely no possibility of talks between the two companies regarding that sale. After all, most companies strongly deny any future deal, sale, or acquisition. Until, that is, they officially announce it. It’s just the way things work in the corporate space.

Also note that according to yesterday’s rumor, the discussions between Nokia and Microsoft aren’t finalized yet, but they might be after CES when executives from both companies will meet in Las Vegas. No company in the world would ever issue a statement saying something like Oh, yes, we are indeed in talks to sell half of the company, but we’re not sure the deal will go through yet, even if that may just be very representative of the Nokia situation right now.

As always, stay tuned and we’ll let you know when there are more developments.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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