Sprint Galaxy Nexus will have 32GB of internal memory, just like Verizon’s version

As you may have already heard, Sprint has officially announced its own Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which should be launched sometime before mid 2012.

As of yesterday, the Galaxy Nexus is featured on Sprint’s website (here), where we can see that it’s going to come with 16GB of internal memory.

However, according to Mobileburn, that’s not true. Reportedly, Sprint confirmed that its Galaxy Nexus would feature 32GB of storage space – just like Verizon’s version, which is available since last month.

Update: Sprint has confirmed via email that the Galaxy Nexus indeed has 32GB of internal memory. Now its 4G LTE landing page reflects this, too. The initial 16GB listing was due to “a mistake on our part”, Sprint said.

While Sprint didn’t disclose the price of its Galaxy Nexus, this will likely be $299 on contract. The Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone will be one of Sprint’s first LTE devices, alongside the LG Viper.

Author: Florin

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