T-Mobile G2X reaches end-of-life

There comes a time when any smartphone reaches that sad moment called end-of-life. It’s when the carrier selling it decides it’s no longer on par with the competition for whatever reason, and should just be removed from the lineup. Completely gone, without a trace.

And sadly on January 6 it was time for the T-Mobile G2X to go down that path. It was the first dual-core smartphone to be launched in the US back in April of last year, and it’s certainly had a good run – in spite of some software glitches here and there.

What you see above is a screengrab of an internal T-Mobile system showing the recently EOL’d devices, and yes, the G2X is there in all its glory (or lack thereof). Now all that’s left is for us to find out what will succeed this device in the magenta carrier’s portfolio. Expect news of that soon.

Via TmoNews

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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