Samsung Galaxy S II HD may be launched in the UK soon, already available in Australia for $749

Back in September, Samsung announced the Galaxy S II HD LTE for its native Korea. Earlier this month, AT&T announced the Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD. And now it looks like a variation of these phones is headed to the UK.

The news comes because of an ad spotted on UK retailer Mobicity’s website, an ad clearly showing us the launch render of the Galaxy S II HD LTE. The name in the UK will be just Galaxy S II HD, apparently. The new smartphone is expected to come with the same 4.65-inch 720p HD touchscreen as its Korean and American siblings.

The ad also mentions more battery power being packed in (probably 1,850 mAh as opposed to the ‘vanilla’ Galaxy S II’s 1,650 mAh unit). That’s all we know for now, as there aren’t any details about pricing or a release date yet. And the ad has all but disappeared from the retailer’s UK site.

However (and the plot thickens), the same company also has an Australian arm. Over there, the Samsung Galaxy S II HD appears listed alongside its full specs – and it seems to be in stock right now. The price being asked is AU$749.

The Australian website tells us that the Samsung Galaxy S II HD has the model number E120s, and aside from the screen and bigger battery, it also comes with a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, and an 8 MP camera. The retailer lists SK Telecom as ‘carrier branding’, even though the phone is being sold unlocked. And that little details seems to clear up all our questions regarding this device. It is, after all, nothing more than an import from Korea. Which may or may not be sold by Mobicity in the UK as well at some point.

As for a real successor to the Galaxy S II, we’re expecting Samsung to announce the Galaxy S III next month in Barcelona during MWC. And we’ll be there to give you our first impressions of the new beast. In this context, a slightly-upgraded Galaxy S II for international markets makes little sense, so it probably won’t happen. But we’ll have to wait and see in order to be sure.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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