Apple’s next generation iPad to be called iPad 2S, not iPad 3?

Here’s an interesting piece of info regarding Apple’s third-generation iPad tablet (which is reportedly already in production): it may not be called iPad 3, as most assume, but iPad 2S.

Chinese case maker Chinee has recently unveiled cases especially made for an “iPad 2S”. These cases (you can view them here) should fit a device designed to be 1mm thicker than the current iPad model – hence 9.8mm. Moreover, 9to5Mac says the Chinese company “claimed such design knowledge came from sources within Apple’s supply chain.”

Now, why would Apple want to make a thicker iPad instead of a thinner one? Well, if the new device has a 2048 x 1536 pixels display, LTE connectivity and a quad-core processor, as rumored, it will certainly need a seriously large battery. So, larger battery – thicker case.

Apple could officially announce the new iPad in early February, hence in less than a month from now. We’ll find out then if its name is iPad 2S, iPad 3, or… something else.

Author: Florin

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