UK: Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi now just £249.99

The Motorola Xoom has seen its fair share of price cuts in the UK over the past few months, especially in its Wi-Fi-only incarnation. And those were anything but unexpected, considering the pretty steep pricing it launched with (£499.99). It was quite obvious that it wouldn’t do very good with that price, so we’ve seen it go down to £394.95£329.99, and, most recently, even £299.99. But that wasn’t the last of the reductions, apparently.

At the moment, Carphone Warehouse is offering the Wi-Fi-only Xoom for just £249.99, and at that price this is starting to have ‘bargain’ written all over it. After all it’s still very capable hardware, and it’s approaching the price range of ‘budget’ Android tablets which usually come with all sorts of compromises with regard to performance.

The Xoom may have launched a long time ago, but most of the Android tablets released last year have near identical specs. If you’re interested in picking up a Xoom Wi-Fi, head to Carphone Warehouse over here.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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