Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace now hosts more than 60,000 apps

Less than a month after we’ve reported that Windows Phone Marketplace has hit the 50,000 published apps mark, we’re now seeing that more than 10,000 new apps have been added since then. In other words, Windows Phone users now have access to over 60,000 apps.

About 400 apps per day are currently approved, so we might see 100,000 apps in the Marketplace sometime in April (or even in March, if the number of submissions continues to grow – and it probably will).

There’s still a long way to go for Microsoft until its Marketplace reaches the number of apps currently available in Apple’s App Store (500,000+) or Google’s Android Market (400,000+). But with lots of new WP handsets promised by Nokia for this year, things are about to move in the right direction (not that they’re not moving right now, but they’re doing it slowly for the moment).

Via All About Windows Phone

Author: Florin

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    I don’t know what version my Droid is, is big and thick is all. I was
    wondering if I could update it, then trade it in for a Windows/Microsoft
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