A Nokia Asha 303 marks the 1.5 billionth S40 phone sold worldwide

Today, Nokia has proudly announced that it sold 1.5 billion S40 phones around the world. The Finnish company introduced its first S40 phone 13 years ago, in 1999. It was the Nokia 7110 – a 24mm thick device that had a 96 x 65 pixels monochrome display.

The 1.5 billionth S40 device was a Nokia Asha 303 sold in Brazil recently to a 21-year-old woman, most likely for the equivalent of around €115 (this is the phone’s official price, before taxes and subsidies).

The Asha 303 (pictured below) is the flagship of the new Asha family, coming with a 2.6 inch QVGA touchscreen display, full QWERTY keyboard, 1GHz single-core processor, HSPA, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Angry Birds pre-installed, and a 3.2MP camera.

“We are incredibly proud to reach this milestone. Having 1.5 billion Series 40 devices sold is a hard-to-reach mark, let alone one attainable in a single line of products. At a time when we are maintaining our commitment to connecting the next billion customers around the world – it is gratifying to consider how Series 40 devices have made mobile technology accessible and help continue to change people’s lives for the better,” declared Mary McDowell, Executive Vice President for Mobile Phones at Nokia.

Nokia’s S40 phones are really popular in emerging markets, because they’re cheap and usually reliable.

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Author: Florin

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