LG has sold 1 million Optimus LTE smartphones so far

LG has announced that it has managed to sell 1 million Optimus LTE smartphones so far. The company is clearly happy about this, otherwise it wouldn’t have put out a press release saying so. And the Optimus LTE may well be one of the best selling LTE smartphones so far (it’s hard to tell without any conclusive data from its competitors).

That said, shifting a million units in over three months isn’t all that impressive in the mobile world we live in today. Not when Apple sells 37 million iPhones in roughly the same time frame. Granted, those don’t have LTE connectivity, which is available only in a tiny portion of the world right now. But 37 times more is 37 times more.

Again not an entirely valid comparison because of the lack of LTE, but Samsung sold 3 million Galaxy S II units in 55 days.

Anyway, the LG Optimus LTE was highly successful (according to LG at least) in South Korea ever since it was launched, with 150,000 units being sold in just one month. That apparently made the Optimus LTE the fastest selling LG phone in Korea ever.

We’re anxious to find out how well the Optimus LTE will have done on the one year anniversary of its introduction in October.

Via Android Central

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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