Nokia Lumia 900 spotted in Singapore and the Czech Republic

A couple of days ago in the UK, the Carphone Warehouse put up a page advertising the fact that it would be selling the Nokia Lumia 900 starting in June. The page has since been removed, and the retailer got in touch with SoMobile to say that in fact it has no plans for selling that particular smartphone.

The Nokia Lumia 900 was announced in the US for AT&T during CES, and so far there’s no official word on whether it will eventually make it to other countries as well. Its listing in the UK had us believe so (even if we assumed its LTE support found in AT&T’s version would be taken out).

Yesterday a rumor about there being a Lumia 910 in development, that should be released in Europe in May, further made it look like the Lumia 900 will stay an AT&T exclusive forever. But now we have some more info, and it’s as confusing as ever.

Two retailers, one in Singapore and the other in the Czech Republic have now added listings for the Nokia Lumia 900. SG Best in Singapore only says that it’s coming soon, but Obchod S Mobily in the Czech Republic goes further and actually has a price for the device. It’s CZK 14,955, which translates into roughly €590 or $763. At that price, you’re clearly getting a SIM-free and unlocked phone.

The fact that these listings exist in the first place seems to suggest that the Lumia 900 is indeed headed to other countries outside the US. Perhaps Europe will see both the Lumia 900 as well as the Lumia 910 with its 12 MP camera this summer. It’s impossible to tell for sure at this point, but we’ll keep you posted.

Via Techin5 here and here

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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