Rumor: iPhone 5 coming this summer with 4+inch screen

If you’re an Apple fan, unfortunately it looks like you can’t even enjoy the company’s record results for Q4 2011 for more than a day. That’s because the rumors about the next iPhone have just restarted showing up in the blogosphere.

This time it’s one of 9to5Mac‘s sources, a Foxconn employee no less, and apparently the same person who said that there won’t be an iPhone 5 released in 2011, just the iPhone 4S – and said that while everybody was busy speculating about the revolutionary new design found in the iPhone 5 to be launched in 2011. That alone makes this rumor monger more trustworthy than 99% of others in our eyes. Then again, he could be wrong this time, so do have some salt nearby.

The rumor of the day isn’t really that much. Once again, it’s reiterated that the iPhone 5 will come with a 4+inch screen (so could be even bigger than 4-inch). There are many prototype versions being tested, and one of them has the screen made by LG (which is a completely useless bit of intel).

None of the devices have a teardrop shape. This is important because at one point last year the new teardrop shape of the iPhone 5 was all the rage (back when everyone thought the iPhone 5 would arrive in 2011). So no. All the samples so far have been symmetrical in thickness.

The good part is that none of the samples currently being tested looks anything like the iPhone 4/4S. Although it’s interesting to note that at this point neither of these samples represents the final version of the phone.

Which obviously means that there’s still a way to go before it reaches production. But the source claims that the iPhone 5 “is now gearing for production” (no, that doesn’t really mean anything, stop trying to understand). How can it be gearing for production at the same time as there are still many different prototypes floating around? The source didn’t say, conveniently.

Anyway, if we believe the gearing for production bit, and if we take the iPhone 4S timeline as an example, it means that the iPhone 5 could be launched in the summer, following in the footsteps of the iPhone 4 and 3 GS, and moving away from the fall launch seen by the iPhone 4S. Why would Apple do that when that fall quarter was its biggest ever? Again, the source didn’t say.

The good news is that after two years, Apple seems to have managed to create a new phone design. That in itself is something to celebrate, and will undoubtedly be touted by the company as one of the main new features of the iPhone 5. Just wait and see.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Billthomson

    Let the rumors begin…after all that is what makes Apple so appealing. Like it or not …it won’t go away because that is how the Apple clock ticks and don’t let anyone be fooled..this game is Apples and that my friend is he way it goes…..and…they have for that to 🙂