White Nokia Lumia 800 will arrive in Switzerland in mid-February

Looks like the rumors were true, and Nokia is indeed preparing to launch more Lumia 800 colors. Back in December, we told you that this would happen, and now the white Lumia 800 is getting ready to be launched next month.

MobileZone, a Swiss mobile phone retailer, told a customer inquiring about the white Nokia Lumia 800 that it would indeed sell that model starting in mid-February. That said, Swisscom, the country’s biggest carrier, apparently said it won’t be stocking any colors other than black and cyan.

Further confirming the white Lumia 800’s existence and imminent launch is a thread over at XDA Developers, where a member played with his “app that browses Nokia firmwares” and found… you guessed it, a white Lumia 800 headed to Switzerland. So it’s pretty much settled.

What isn’t clear is how soon the white Lumia 800 will reach other countries and territories (since it would be quite illogical for it only to be sold in one country). Stay tuned though and we’ll let you know when we find out more.

Via WMPoweruser and IntoMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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