White Samsung Galaxy Note now available in the UK, £538.80 SIM-free

Last week we told you that the white version of Samsung’s Galaxy Note Android-powered phone/tablet hybrid would become available in the UK this past Monday, on January 23. And that it did. However, it was only to be found at one retailer, in one physical store. But thankfully that strange exclusivity deal seems to have ended way ahead of the initially projected time frame of February.

That’s because the white Samsung Galaxy Note is now also up for grabs at online retailer Clove. The price being asked is a steep £538.80 (not that the Galaxy Note was ever an affordable device, mind you). The huge phone or small tablet (depending on how you look at it) is now in stock in its full white gown.

Yes, this is not some half-white affair. Just like all of Samsung’s recent white gadget efforts, this is clearly one for lovers of the pale shade. Get yours now at Clove if you’re interested.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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