Nokia’s 2011 results are out. Less than 2 million Lumia Windows Phone handsets sold to date

Nokia announced its financial results for Q4 2011, and full year 2011. The company reported net sales of €10 billion and a €0.954 billion loss for the forth quarter of 2011, and net sales of €38.6 billion and a €1.073 billion loss for full 2011.

113.5 million Nokia mobile phones (including 19.6 million smartphones) were sold in Q4 2011, and 417.1 million units (including 77.3 million smartphones) during the whole year.

For the first time ever, Nokia officially disclosed the number of Lumia Windows Phones sold. However, it’s not an exact number, as the company only said it sold “well over 1 million Lumia devices to date.” But it’s enough for us to say that this means less than 2 million units – otherwise, they would’ve simply said they sold 2 million or more.

Is less than 2 million Lumias sold disappointing? For Nokia itself, it probably is, especially since the company was pretty confident that the Lumia 800 was going to be a hit (announcing multi-million marketing budgets, and record-breaking pre-orders). But for us, it’s not disappointing – we’ve been expecting this.

More info on Nokia’s 2011 results are available in this press release, and in this detailed PDF.

Author: Florin

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  • Luci121

    how stupid comment.  if L800 sold “to date” say 1.7m or 1.8 m, S.T. won’t say like it is “well over” 1m, he will say oh that’s bloody huge sell “nearly” 2m… hahaha…

  • JD!

    Suddenly 1 million phones has become a talking point for Nokia in whole report?