Samsung U380 dummy units arrive at Verizon stores, launch is near

The Samsung U380, which we hope will get a more inspired name, is about to hit the streets. This is probably not a smartphone, but it does come with a touchscreen and side-sliding QWERTY combo, so may appeal to the text-addicted among you who don’t need a smartphone (or don’t want to pay for the necessary data plans). The U380 should also be very cheap (even free on contract from day one, if you ask us) in order to have any chance at selling well.

We first saw the Samsung U380 in December when it went through the FCC’s testing, and today dummy units of the device have started appearing at Verizon stores. That can only mean one thing: Big Red is gearing up for this phone’s launch.

When exactly that will happen is still a mystery, but the dummy units do strongly indicate that it could be within the next few days. Unfortunately we still have no hard data on this handset’s specs. The screen looks like it’s in the 3.2″-3.5″ range, and it obviously comes with a camera. That’s all we can say right now. Hopefully Verizon will announce it soon and we’ll find out everything there is to.

Via Phone Arena

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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