Verizon HTC Rezound software update brings better audio quality, enhanced device stability

The HTC Rezound has just received what looks like its first software update since it arrived in stores in November. This is a minor revision, and after applying it, your Rezound will be on software version 2.01.605.11.

This update brings with it better audio quality for calls, an updated signal strength meter, reduced force closes of the People app, and overall improved device stability which should cut down on the number of pesky random reboots.

Screen timeout issues while connected to Wi-Fi have been fixed, as have been those relating to the task manager stopping the Mail process. Finally, Mobile Hotspot data should no longer be stalling while multiple users are connected.

So as you can see, this update brings some very welcome bug fixes and improvements, which is why we recommend you install it right away. Speaking of which, it’s apparently already available if you manually check for it by going into your device’s Settings.

If you can’t see the update yet, be patient as the rollout is bound to be staggered, so it may take a few more hours or days for it to reach your particular smartphone.

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Via Droid Life here and here

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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