Motorola RAZR Developer Edition with unlockable bootloader now up for pre-order in Europe for €499

About one year ago we first heard that Motorola was working on ways to let developers meddle with their Moto phones (and unlock their bootloaders), while still providing the average Joe with unlocked bootloader phones for some reason.

And here we are. One year has passed, and during this time Motorola has done nothing in this matter. Until today, that is, when the company indirectly let us know what its answer to the whole locked/unlocked bootloader controversy is.

Unlike HTC, which provides a tool that unlocks the bootoader for many existing phones, Motorola has decided that selling a “Developer Edition” of the new RAZR, for example, will be something that people will appreciate. We don’t think they will, especially those who already bought a ‘plain’ RAZR hoping that Moto will provide them with an easy way to unlock their bootloaders, but anyway.

The Motorola RAZR Developer Edition, with unlockable bootloader, is now available to pre-order in Europe for €499. There’s no telling when it will start shipping, but Motorola promises that this smartphone will make it to the US as well “in the coming months”.

This Developer Edition phone ships with no warranty whatsoever (though we’re doubting that doing that is fully legal in the EU).

Motorola is apparently “continuing to explore the possibility of offering additional devices with unlockable bootloaders in the future”.

So there you have it. In short: want to tinker with your Motorola phone Android-style? Get a Developer Edition unit.

Via Motorola

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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