T-Mobile’s Full Monty is the UK’s first true ‘unlimited everything’ plan, available from February 1

We don’t write about mobile plans that often here, and that’s because reading about minute changes in plans is boring. However, when one operator brings the first ‘unlimited everything’ plan to a nation, we notice – and you probably should too.

It’s T-Mobile that has presented its new Full Monty plan in the UK, and this is effectively that country’s first plan to bring you unlimited everything. Three has had its The One Plan with just (uncapped) unlimited data for a while now, but that was just unlimited data. This is unlimited everything including uncapped Internet access.

There are four price tiers, and three of those are identical in features, yet differ in price (that’s because choosing the more expensive ones will net you more expensive smartphones for free).

Okay, let’s start. First off, we have the £36 per month Full Monty. This gets you 2,000 minutes outside of T-Mobile, unlimited calls to T-Mobile customers, unlimited messages, and unlimited data. For £41, or £46, or £61 per month you get all of the above but with unlimited minutes to every network in the UK.

With the £41 per month plan, you’re able to get the iPhone 4S 16 GB with a £29 upfront payment, or the BlackBerry Bold 9900 for free, for example.

The £46 per month plan allows you to get the 16 GB iPhone 4S for free, while keeping all the features of the £41 per month plan.

Finally, for £61 per month for two years, you’ll get the same unlimited everything, but with a free iPhone 4S 32 GB, or a £29 iPhone 4S 64 GB.

The Full Monty plans will be available starting on February 1. The above are just examples of pricing for phones, as you’ll be able to pick any phone the operator sells and pair it with one of these plans. We’re very happy to see unlimited everything plans spread across the world, and we’re hoping more European countries will follow suit (and, while we’re at it, more UK operators).

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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