Verizon shared data plans may be coming soon

Verizon is apparently getting ready to intro something that will make those of you on family plans, or simply those with multiple lines on the same account very happy indeed.

It turns out that shared data plans may be headed to Big Red, and they may be on their way to the market in the near future. Shared data plans are in theory exactly what they sound like: not needing to pay for a separate data plan for each line.

Apparently, training material for the newest version of Verizon’s account management application includes screenshots (one of which is the image you can see above, leaked to Engadget) that show there’s a new section in there labeled “account level data plans”.

The new shared data plans will have an account level charge for a specific data allowance, plus an additional $9.99 charge per month per line. Even so, if the account level charges aren’t significantly higher than those for single lines today, you’ll get much cheaper data overall if you have more than one line in your account and will choose these new shared plans.

What remains to be seen now is just when Verizon will launch these. And the waiting game begins.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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