Windows Phone Tango could support 120 languages, C++ native coding

Here’s another rumor about Windows Phone Tango. This, if you remember, is supposed to be the next iteration of Microsoft’s newest mobile operating system, and the one that will reportedly bring support for lower-end hardware to the platform. That almost certainly was one of Nokia’s requirements for choosing Windows Phone as its ‘premier’ smartphone OS back in February of last year.

So then it makes sense that Windows Phone Tango will also apparently support 120 languages, up from the current 35. It makes sense, because of Nokia’s truly global footprint. You’re more likely to sell a phone in a country when the software is translated into the language spoken over there. And so if Nokia wants to make cheaper Windows Phones mainstream across the world, it would need this extended language support.

This information seems to come from Microsoft directly, more specifically from a speaker at a Windows Phone dev camp in India. The source blog post, up on WPSauce, has since been removed, which further contributed to the speculation that this is in fact real (and Microsoft asked for the post’s removal as presumably this information wasn’t supposed to be available already).

Another thing heard at that dev camp was that apps for the “next release” of Windows Phone can be written using C++ native code. However, it’s not entirely certain that by “next release” Windows Phone Tango was being referred to. Hopefully it was, since more development options are always good.

Via Liveside

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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