LG A290 with triple-SIM support arrives in Russia in late February for about €75

Dual-SIM phones have been all the rage in many emerging markets for years now. And big phone makers were very late to this game, which at first consisted primarily from unknown Chinese vendors. But time has passed and some of the big names in mobile are slowly warming up to the idea of dual-SIM offerings.

But what about triple-SIM phones? This is still a niche at the moment, but it’s one LG looks intent to cash in on right from the start. The Korean company is set to launch its first triple-SIM phone, the A290, soon. The first market to get it will be Russia, and the price being asked will be 2,990 rubles (which translates into approximately €75 or $99 at current exchange rates). That price is for an unsubsidized device obviously, and you may have judged from it that this isn’t a smartphone.

And indeed it isn’t. It has a 2.2-inch 176×220 display (not a touchscreen), a 1.3 MP camera, a LED flash, and a 1,500 mAh battery that’s absolutely huge for this form factor and should ensure that you have plenty of juice even with all three SIMs active. The phone’s dimensions are 113.5x51x12.95 mm.

The appeal of having three SIMs in one phone is obviously that you can chat intra-network with all your friends using minutes which are usually either free or very cheap compared to calling other networks. If the price models of mobile operators in the developing world were different, dual-SIM and triple-SIM phones would simply disappear. Alas, they’re here to stay it seems.

Oh, and the LG A290 isn’t only that company’s first triple-SIM phone, it’s the first to come out of any of the big phone makers. It should become available in Russia by late February.

Via Hi-Tech@Mail.ru

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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