Samsung Epic 2 SPH-D705 finally coming to Sprint?

Remember that rumored Samsung Epic 2, which was supposed to arrive at Sprint in the third quarter of 2011? The handset still hasn’t been officially announced, but it looks like it may be soon.

The Epic 2 (model number SPH-D705) has recently appeared on CelleBrite’s system (which is used by Sprint to transfer phone data). Normally, this should mean that the handset is indeed coming soon, although we can’t be certain of anything until Sprint confirms it.

Like the original Samsung Epic 4G, the new Epic 2 has a sliding QWERTY keyboard, and reportedly looks like in the image below (posted back in August by PocketNow):

The Samsung Epic 2 should feature a 1.2GHz single-core processor, 4 inch qHD display, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, and an 8MP camera on the back. It doesn’t seem to be a truly high-end device, so if it gets to be launched it could cost about $100 on contract.

Via AC Syndicate, The Verge

Author: Florin

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