Samsung Galaxy S Advance will be a part of Three’s portfolio in the UK

Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S Advance yesterday. It’s basically a Galaxy R with a Super AMOLED touchscreen (yet a bit smaller) and a new, curved shape. This new smartphone is supposed to become available in Russia in February, and then slowly make its way to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast and Southwest Asia, China, Latin America and Africa at some point after that.

While we still don’t know exactly when that will happen, if you’re in the UK we do know that Three is the first operator to announce that it will sell the Galaxy S Advance.

As you’d expect at this stage, Three didn’t say exactly when you’ll be able to pick up a Galaxy S Advance from its stores, but expect more information to arrive closer to the actual event. That’s also when we’re hoping we’ll see some pricing details uncovered as well. For now, just understand that if Three is your operator of choice and you crave the Samsung Galaxy S Advance, all is well.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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