Samsung P3100, P5100, and i9300 get Wi-Fi certified – two tablets and the Galaxy S III?

As we approach the Mobile World Congress which will be held in Barcelona at the end of February, more and more of you are starting to wonder what Samsung will have in store for us. After all, they didn’t show anything really new at CES, so it’s natural that MWC will be where Samsung will choose to launch its new top of the line devices.

As we found out not long ago, the Galaxy S III may not get a MWC unveiling unfortunately. That hasn’t stopped what could be the Galaxy S III from getting its Wi-Fi certification. The Samsung GT-i9300 did, and this may turn out to be the Galaxy S III (after all, the original Galaxy S has the model number i9000, the Galaxy S II is the i9100, and the Galaxy Nexus is the i9250). We can’t be sure just yet, but at least it does closely follow Samsung’s model number logic.

Also getting Wi-Fi certified were two tablets, the P3100 and P5100. Other than the fact that they’re tablets (signified by the “P” in the model numbers), we don’t know anything about these devices either. Still, we hope that they will get shown at MWC. Judging from those model numbers (which are all we have to go on right now), we may see two variants of the same size device (perhaps a lower-end and a higher-end version), or two tablets with similar specs but different screen sizes. We’re betting on the latter, taking into account Samsung’s love of many different tablet sizes.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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