UK: HTC Flyer can be yours for £234.99

Sure, we may have seen the HTC Flyer go for as low as £199, but that was right before Christmas, when the famed holiday shopping season was at its peak. So understandably the stock of HTC Flyer units priced like that went away pretty fast. Oh, and that price never came back.

Not to worry, though, for today we have something very close for you. If for some reason you’ve been meaning to pick up a Flyer but haven’t done so already, you’ll be happy to know that Expansys will sell you one for just £234.99. And £35.99 more than its absolute lowest price isn’t that much to be paying for HTC’s first Android-powered tablet.

Speaking of which, an update to Android 3.2 Honeycomb should probably be waiting for you as soon as you power up your new puppy. That still isn’t the latest version of the operating system, and truth be told we’re not sure if HTC will ever update the Flyer to Ice Cream Sandwich. Still, do take this over 99% of similarly priced ‘budget’ Android tablets which run Gingerbread.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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